Assessment and Selection

Assessment Centres

Smart businesses select people who have the potential to meet their future needs and challenges. At High Impact Development, we work with you to define what good looks like in your organisation and what behaviour and competencies are related to the future direction of your business.

At High Impact Development, we have a team of highly experienced business psychologists and consultants who can help you select the right people for your organisation. We can provide you with a qualified third party evaluation as part of your selection process, which will increase its objectivity and impartiality.

Our assessment team has extensive experience in helping organisations in the private and public sector. We help select the right people for recruitment, for development and promotion and as part of procurement evaluation for projects in areas such as construction. We help select senior executives through to middle management and supervisor level.

We use a variety of assessment types to enhance the reliability, fairness and realism of our assessment centres. This gives you, the organisation, a robust and objective measure of potential and gives the candidate a fair assessment experience.

As experts in our field, we have access to state of the art assessments and exercises. We are able to select the most appropriate tools and can provide both face-to-face and online assessment.

Our assessment centres are tailor-made to meet your requirements. They are always designed to ensure objectivity, reliability and fairness. We use a range of assessment methods including psychometric assessment, structured or semi-structured interviews, role play, in-basket and group discussion exercises.

There are significant benefits to using assessment centres, including:

• A significant Return on Investment
• Increased predictive validity over methods such as unstructured interviews and references; therefore, they help you make better hiring decisions
• Assessment of potential, rather than just acquired skills
• Provision of objective data on likely strengths and weaknesses
• Projecting a highly professional image of you as an employer – thus helping you attract the best talent