Balance task and behaviour – head and heart thinking

In this short blog we want to describe the importance of finding balance in how we work and how we can improve and enhance performance. However, before we talk about the relationship between what we describe as head and heart thinking, we’ll take a moment to explain the terms.
Head thinking – Task
Head thinking is seen as practical thinking, it helps individuals to identify and solve problems, concentrate on facts and analyse information. Its main function is logic and it promotes a “get things done” culture.
Heart thinking – Behaviour
Heart thinking focuses on engaging, motivating and effectively influencing others. Rather than being focused on ‘just’ getting things done, it pays attention to the journey that one goes through while completing a task. How are we motivated to achieve, how is work satisfaction and whats the motivation behind peoples actions and behaviours?
One of the main challenges that businesses have to deal with is they often only practice ‘head thinking’. They have a task to achieve, and stop at nothing until its done. On the other hand, if we only have a ‘heart thinking’ culture, the task might not be completed in a timely way.  This we believe emphasises the importance of having a balance between head (Task) and heart (behaviour) thinking and working.
For us to practice the balance of head and heart thinking it is the same for how we work with task and behaviour  – not just human doing, complemented with human being.
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As leaders we need to think about how we engage, motivate and manage our people?   Surely our goal is to have people that come to work exited?  What about people that go above and beyond?  What is the culture that you want to have in your organisation?
In order to insure that your organisation is both running at its full potential and creates a culture where individuals can develop, one must understand that this journey must be intentional and not accidental.
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