Why Choose High Impact Development? How Does Emotional Intelligence Impact My Organisation?


At High Impact Development, our experience of 15 years has taught us that some people can be sceptical about the very nature of emotional intelligence and the potential of such training.

Don’t worry, we don’t let that put us off! With over 6000 managers, leaders and employees having benefitted from our tailor-made coaching and training programmes, we have plenty of proof that emotional intelligence has a HUGE impact.

The Proof

The customer is king, so let’s hear what the clients have to say about our programmes:

“I didn’t know what to expect from the one-to-one coaching… the results from a wide spectrum of individuals both high fliers and lower performance was consistently good. High Impact Development made sure they understood the issues and requirements from a business, managerial and individual perspective and within a short timescale achieved results. All of the people have grown in confidence and outlook and are achieving significantly better performance for our business.” Head of Resources and IT – Global Defence Organisation

“I have not even implemented half of what has been highlighted during the session and already it has made tremendous differences both commercially and personally.” Direct feedback from 1:1 Coaching Intervention with a National Construction Organisation

“I was very impressed when High Impact Development led me through my first EQ-I assessment and I was surprised and grateful that I got so much out of the feedback and coaching session.” Director of Learning and Development at a national Consulting and Training Company

“The overall feedback from both the IPT Leaders and Team Leaders regarding their recent four stage Team Leader Development is very positive. I’ve had indirect and direct feedback confirming that everyone not only enjoyed all stages of the training but also found it well supported in generating extensive change back in the workplace. I can confirm that together with High Impact Development we now have an extremely effective development model, not only for Team Leader populations but for team development in general.” HR Manager, Aerostructures Organisation

“What can I say? Six months on, I can honestly say that for me personally it has been the most helpful part of the programme. I have implemented some of the thoughts raised through the introduction to Emotional Intelligence and will continue to do so.” Direct feedback from 1:1 Coaching Intervention with a National Construction Organisation

“It has been a thoroughly fascinating and valuable process. They have become one of the team and their coaching style is open and honest with genuine interest in each individual. The whole process provides so much food for thought and helps you to understand and tweak your thoughts and behaviour both in and out of the office.” Production Manager

How It Works

Emotional intelligence is a set of social and emotional skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain relationships, cope with challenges and use emotional information in an effective, meaningful way.

Our team has over 15 years experience specifically in the emotional intelligence field, having successfully worked with over 6,000 leaders, managers and their teams ensures High Impact Development continues to be a leader in this sector.


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