Executive Team Development

Executive Team Development

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When we are invited to develop a senior or executive team or the members within it, we always start at the same place: spending time with each individual and their key stakeholders to understand exactly the situations and environments the people are operating in.

This crucial diagnostic stage enables us to understand the different team members and how they are currently working together.

From then on, we create a structured development plan tailored to suit the specific needs of each team and the individuals within. A typical development plan that we follow with our clients can be seen below; this is entirely an example and your own design would almost certainly look different.

Stage 1: Diagnostic

In order to clearly understand the required outcomes of the development programme, we spend time with each team member and any relevant stakeholders to discuss our goals. The desired outcomes can be both personal and for the organisation involved.

Stage 2: Enhancing Self-awareness
Using our unique blend of behavioural and capability coaching coupled with tools that measure each individual’s emotional intelligence, we can enhance each person’s awareness of how they are currently functioning both personally and professionally.

Stage 3: Alignment Workshop

The alignment workshop is our bespoke designed event that enables senior and executive teams to align how they relate together as individuals, enhancing team understanding and relationships. Building on the strong foundation this creates, we can then support the team in understanding how they achieve their organisational goals and staying aligned with one another.

Stage 4: 1:1 Coaching with Individual Development Action Plan
Each senior executive will have their personal coaching development actions (CDA), and depending on the level or depth of support required, the coaching stage can vary from two to six sessions over an agreed timescale. It is not unusual to continue coaching a number of team members outside of the group programme.

Stage 5: Review and Measure Workshop
Our review and measure workshop is a crucial part of the development journey but often missed for economic reasons. This stage holds the teams accountable for what has been achieved to date, what is outstanding and why. As an organisation, it improves our accountability as we can focus on what we agreed to achieve and what needs to be done. Together we can agree the future focus for continuing success.

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