One to One Coaching

One to One Coaching

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Using coaching effectively can produce dramatic gains in performance and productivity within organisations.

Our bespoke coaching programmes help individuals to overcome self-limiting beliefs and enhance their personal self-awareness. They leave our programmes with renewed self-esteem and motivation to clarify and achieve their life goals.

What coaching formats are available?

High Impact Development specialises in both behavioural and capability-based coaching. Depending on the individual, one or both of these coaching paths may be recommended.

Behavioural Coaching

This is a highly focused process that unlocks the potential and maximises the performance of individuals. It helps individuals to develop critical insights and bring a new sense of purpose to their actions and decision-making.

Capability Coaching:

This form of coaching addresses an individual’s core abilities to perform tasks. It evaluates and enhances their personal effectiveness to achieve objectives and goals.

How can you be sure this will work for you?

Before we commence with any project, all clients undergo a structured ‘Development Diagnostic’. This unique, insightful interview enables us to ascertain the precise goals of both the stakeholders and the individuals taking part in the coaching programme.

Once your diagnostic is complete, your personal coaching programme is developed, agreed and then scheduled to ensure all goals are achieved and deadlines are met.

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